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Ambedkar Studies . . .

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar :

          Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was a key contributor in building India’s democratic infrastructure, constitution and economic structure and institutions. His interests and role is very important in these fields. He participated in designing the tricolour flag of our country after independence with much vibrancy. During the British rule, he participated in the Round Table Conference, Simon Commission and Viceroy Commission representing the oppressed caste and workers. He voiced for their liberation and basic rights. He led many struggles to amend reservation to the oppressed and the backward caste people in India to establish social justice. He had successfully lead and organized many struggles to safeguard the rights and righteousness of minorities, women and livelihood of tribunals and Adivasis. His works and commitment for liberation are commendable. Barath Ratna, Dr. Ambedkar has got an exclusive recognition in today’s mainstream politics, government institutions, and religious institutions and in colleges, universities. Many had taken initiatives to know more about him and to understand him. Many people are reading about his works and life. The universities and colleges at Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh had started naming universities and colleges after his name. They have also initiated a course onAmbedkar Stud. Tamilnadu also witnesses such initiatives quite recent.

WhyAmbedkar Stud ?

         India has unique socio-economic issues and while looking for dealing with those issues, one cannot leave behind orientation to Ambedkarite thoughts and acts. The 37 volumes on Ambekar’s speech and writings in Tamil (17 volumes in English) speaks very elaborately on the socio-religious-economic and political issues. He also had setout detailed strategies for dealing the issues. He gives practical solutions for liberation of backward and schedule caste community, class perspective of workers, India’s sovereignty and annihilation of caste. Thus, Ambedkarite thoughts and strategies are quite practical to today’s socio-political issues caused capitalism, globalization, communal politics and uneven financial situations. Hence, learning Ambedkarite is relevant in practical learning is been realized as necessary.

Ambedkar Studies – Recognised by Madurai Kamaraj University:

        In Tamilnadu,Ambedkar Stud is introduced at Chennai University and Madurai Kamaraj U   niversity. The course offered at Tamilnadu Theological Seminar is recognized by Madurai Kamaraj University. Presently, Certificate and Diploma course is introduced. The course is being offered successfully for the past four years.

Eligibility :

Diploma inAmbedkar Stud: Any Under-Graduate Degree and / or Certificate in
Ambedkar Stud Certificate inAmbedkar Stud: A pass in Higher Secondary (+2)

Who can join ?

Class Course Medium of Instruction Duration
Diploma in Ambedkar Stud Ambedkar Studies English / Tamil 1 Year
Certificate in Ambedkar Stud Ambedkar Studies English / Tamil 1 Year

      Certificate Course has 3 papers and Diploma Course has 4 papers. The classes will be held on every first and third Saturdays of every month. Classes will also be held in the form of seminars, workshops, paper presentation and the classes will be held at Dalit Resource Centre.



       There are many books on Ambedkar after the centenary of Ambedkar by people who are attracted in his ideologies. A compact library with about 50,000 books on ecology, economics, science and technology, religion, philosophy, and law in a serene environment is situated in Tamilnadu Theological Seminary (TTS). A separate collection of books on Dalit community, anthropology, human rights, Dalit Arts, Dalit History, Dalit Feminism, Atrocities on Dalits, Dalit Liberation, Dalit Politics, Ambedkar Thoughts, Early Buddhism and similar books of about 2000 is kept along with rare Dalit Arts, posters and documents at the documentation Centre at Dalit Resource Centre.

Fee Details:

  • Diploma Studies: Rs. 1000/- for one year including course and examination fees.
  • Certificate Studies: Rs. 700/- for one year including course and examination fees.
Fees to be paid in person or by post at,
       Dalit Resource Centre,
       32-C, Barthidasan Salai, Arasaradi, Madurai – 625 016.

Exam fees to be paid by February 15 of every year.


  • Exams will be conducted in the last week of May of every year.